Mohammad Yousefi
Mohammad Yousefi is a mechanical engineer. He was born in Shahroud, Iran in 1987. He spent his teenage years educating at a gifted school, NODET. He received his M.Sc. degree in 2013. He likes taking things apart and making new mechanical and electrical things since childhood. He faced a new field of creativity when he got familiar with computers; He started computer programming in 2002. "Conservation of Matter" is the name of a Windows application, he made at high school and ranked second at the national NODET student projects festival in 2004. Combining mechanics, electronics, and programming together (robotics and mechatronics) became his major field of interest.
Now he works as the industry-leading expert at the research and technology department of the Shahrood University of Technology. He also collaborates on smart home designing and implementation with an electrical engineering office, Apadana Smart Home. He does what he really likes (as listed below) in his spare time as a freelancer.
  • Windows programming (Delphi, VS C# .Net, and Lazarus);
  • Linux programming (Lazarus);
  • Android programming (Eclipse and Android Studio);
  • Website designing (HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript);
  • Designing and making microcontroller circuits containing PIC, AVR, and ARM MCUs and ESP8266 (C, C++, Arduino, KiCad, and Proteus);
  • Designing and making robots, and home and industrial automation devices (Solid Works, FreeCAD, AutoCAD, LibreCAD, KiCAD, and Proteus);
  • Designing, analysing and making mechanical devices (Solid Works, FreeCAD, AutoCAD, LibreCAD, and Abaqus).
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There are several ways to contact Mohammad Yousefi. You can fill out the below form and press Send button. You can send him an email to [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also leave him a message in Telegram messenger. His Telegram id is @vahid_you2004.
PGH Calendar
A good Persian replacement for windows calendar display
2-digit Electronic Die
Electronic die capable of displaying a 2-digit random number or two 1-digit random numbers simultaneously
Bluetooth-FM-Phone Headset
Bluetooth headset with FM radio and SIM card slot capable of controlling music play and answering phone calls
Serial Port Terminal
This portable tool is very small and useful, and have almost everything needed to work with a serial port.
Electronic Dice
Dice kit with microprocessor and LEDs; Make your own electronic dice.
Serial Port Over WiFi
This project is a device that makes serial communication data available over the air.
Cheap Logic Analyzer
Convert your computer to a very cheap logic analyzer using the serial port.
Cheap STK500 AVR Programmer
A software and a small hardware that forms a low-cost STK500 programmer for AVR microcontrollers
A simple USB to TTL UART Converter using FT232RL chip